be quiet​!​!

by Amerah Ames

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released August 15, 2016

music and words by amerah ames
guitar and drums and keys and everything by amerah ames
thank you to garrett rasband for letting me use your drums on tracks 4 and 5. thank you to rachel hunt and shelley jones for record those drums. additional mixing by spencer "spencer" taylor on track 7.
written/produced from 2013-2016 in brigham city, UT and sunny salt lake city UT



all rights reserved


Amerah Ames Salt Lake City, Utah

tunes from me!

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Track Name: neighborhoods
i will be somewhere i cannot be
i will show you things i cannot see
theres nowhere i belong
the people here are wrong
but it's not like i am getting much from me
no it's not like i am getting much from me


and when we ride around in neighborhoods
where my signal hides and floats above the trees
we probably did the best we should
but there is nowhere i'd rather be
there's nowhere i belong
but whatever this is getting closer
the people there are wrong but it’s not like i am getting younger
getting faster getting stronger

Track Name: spring
if you don't
sit next to me
you'll sit over there
and that couch will eat you
and i'll feel bad that you're dead
but not that bad

i can never
be alone
not properly
not even in this room
and when you're gone
i will feel gone too

when summer comes
is when everyone forgets
about you and me
you and me
and i will wish again for spring

when summer comes
is when everyone forgets
about you and me
you and me
and you will see
you will see.
Track Name: loud
i am there for a grade
you are there for fun
will you give me a ride when it's over.

there is nothing left to be
but unwittingly, undoubtedly older

it's fine for you
it's good for me too
I fill the room
but they look at me to say
"hey you need to calm down"
i look up at the ceiling, i try not to drown
but that is just how i am

and i fall in love with the place,
with the room we are in and your face
says you can feel the paint on the wall feels
says you can feel the paint on the wall feels

there was so much light
in the sky that night
there was so much light

if i walk on out
will you talk about
me so loud
so loud
so loud
Track Name: bathroom floor
if you think you know what's out there
you don't you don't
if i think i know what's in here
i won't i won't
and nothing will change that
unless we rearrange this
a different way than it is

and all they let us do
is wander back and forth
but it comes back to you
it comes back to you

if i am just sitting in the bathroom
on the floor
and i think i know what's in here
i don't i dont
and if it's a question
of how i can end this
there are better questions to ask
Track Name: relatable
if i count the times i've been in this room
i try to tell myself it will be okay soon
but i don't know that in the slightest
sometimes that's okay too

if i count the times that i've had with you
it's hard to say just what we've been through
but i will try to be relatable
if that helps you be okay too

i'm okay i'm okay
and you're okay too
you're okay too
you're okay too
i want it i want it
but i can't have you
and that's just as well
that's okay too
Track Name: hey
you've gotta give yourself a little slack.
you've gotta allow yourself to bring it back
but if you are sad
or scared
you'll have to find another way
or you'll just be there all alone until another day
Track Name: leaving my mark
everything is spinning turning
everyone is changing learning
i don't learn
i don't change
i don't see a thing

get inside the car now
think i'll stay around
do you ever think how
much is changing all the time now

i will think of you when
i am at my worst this summer
we can't do this thing forever
we cant do this thing forever

'well' you said 'let's go together'
i will show you now or never
things are changing like the weather
it will never stop

take it one step at a time
everything will be just fine
learn to cope
learn to breathe
i don't see a thing

it is cold and it is windy
but it's not so unforgiving
i will learn to keep on living
cause it doesn't stop

sitting on the train while i'm holding your hand
thinking all the time do i even have a plan
do i even love you here in the dark
i am afraid i'm just leaving my mark
Track Name: love
im done-zo with love
i don't like the way it feels
the way it sits in your bones
the way it makes your heart peel

the way it soaks into your skin
like it's part of the sun
i got other things to do
and that's why i am done.

i wanna chew up love
i wanna put it in my mouth
i wanna swallow it down
i want to spit love back up.
Track Name: pancakes
there was a pancake waiting for me
the stuffed horse didn't want any
and neither did you

if anyone told me i would be alive
to make pancakes the rest of my life
i would say they were lying
but it's true

i thought i'd feel real if i was in a film
but as it turns out there is no "feeling real"
and that's all i was trying

and the thought of you stirring up that pancake batter
is never really gonna help me feel better
and when i ate ice cream one night in the shower
i felt whimsical but that doesn't matter

it's okay
don't think about it
any way
it's true, i'll admit
you were right all the while
and i think someday i'll
care about something more than having some sort of plan
i'm sorry but i don't ever think you'll understand

i’ll always see more than i’ll ever really be
pretty sure that's kind of a bad thing
you'll always be too wrong and too mean and too weird for me
but eventually i'll probably stop caring
Track Name: lizard cage
i don't wanna try it
they say that i won't mind it
but i'm worried that i will cry and freak out and mess things up
but you, i wanna try it
you just don't realize it
and no one could ever be e good enough

so i cry
in my lizard cage
i'll die
one day some day
Track Name: city rain
the rain isn't warm anymore
it falls and freezes
i sit crouching, under the building
where i lived

it used to smell good
when the water hit the pavement
the disturbed dust of the city streets
mixing with the warm spring air

the change i felt when i looked at them
all indifferent and afraid
climbing up the fourteen steps
each one closer to the life they'd made

and i
i am alone as ever
but that is how i want to be
at least for a while
at least that's what i've found works for me
Track Name: trying
i will not listen
i do not think so
it's hard to talk so
i'll just sit here quietly

and tell a few lies
it’s hard to breathe
at home, i’m all right
i watch tv watch tv watch tv watch tv

i can't do it all
last night i had a dream
your face seeps into everything
i touch - i hate it
but it's all i've got
i will try to forget you but
that’s not what i said that’s not what i’m saying

or will i
or will I
I'm trying
I'm trying to be quiet

the snow it falls down
around my head
and so instead
i will think of what you'd say to me

but you are gone
and i'm not really at my best
there’s nothing in my head that says
you’re gonna grow up soon - but when?

i like the way you are somehow
the way you breathe i don’t know how to treat you now
i am not really at my best
so i just won't think about what you said

(i like the way
you are right now
i don’t know how
to treat you now
the way you breathe
please look at me
i don’t know how
just kill me now)