by Amerah Ames

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I made this in a month or something. It's about two friends.


released August 28, 2013

Amerah Ames: vocals ukulele guitar drums other things

Track 3: Rachel Hunt on background vocals.

Thanks to Garrett Rasband for "letting me" use your synth and drum set.



all rights reserved


Amerah Ames Salt Lake City, Utah

tunes from me!

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Track Name: the car
take me there show me everything
it's been a while but you can to me

i think i know you and you don't like me
it's okay'cause you show me things
and you dont really like anybody
sometimes you make me worry
the pages that you tear from your diary say things i can't see you writing.

but i'll forget if you let me.
you're nice enough to me.

i can't tell you what i want
but do you want me to go away?
i don't understand you but i know that i will stay
that is one thing i can promise.
cause you don't give me the option
if i get out of this car right now i know it wouldn't make you snap

i worry about what it would do to me
so i guess we'll keep on driving.

i can't tell you what i want
but do you want me to go away?
i don't like the way you are these days.
but you know, you know i will stay
Track Name: we barked back
we walked down the road
on our way back home
you walk ahead of me
i still can't tell what you're feeling

we walk past the park
past the playground over by the rock where you
told me how you felt
about this town and how it's bringing you down

but that was months ago
now i'm not even sure if you know
what you want instead.
while i'm thinking about this you notice something up ahead.

dog barks at you and we barked back too
you walk ahead of me
you reach out and scratch its ears without hesitating.

the dog followed me home.
i told it that i didn't want it even though i did
and now i feel bad
even though the dog doesn't seem mad

you make me feel bad
but i think it's the best things that make us sad
so i'll be around
you left after the walk
even though you said you wanted to talk
well i'll be around.
Track Name: wolves
if you don't watch out when you are climbing up the mountain
well i guess you'll find out it will happens when it happens
well i guess you'll find out it will happens when it happens
if you don't watch out

i wish i could write about this but i'm trying to break a habit
about writing about certain things but i guess that i'm not afraid to admit
that they're about you not one you but lots of different yous
and i've been tried up in strings other than that i've had no excuse
but i'm pretty sure, it's likely that they're going to come through

i've been here too long and it's too late to possibly separate
what's normal and what's helping pull me out of this place
it's good to get out but i'm afraid if we shout too loud we'll attract the wolves and that's nothing one should joke about
and i'm sure if i wait i don't know if i'll be loud enough.

i wish i could write about this
but i'm going to forget anything that made it seem
like the wolves did not exist
if they can hear us now, there's no way we're going to get out
i'm pretty sure they're gonna tear us apart.
Track Name: calling
someone's calling me up today
but i still have nothing to say

i see something but no one sees it but me
i know what it is - no it can't be

they say the dead don't walk with the living
i don't know if they know everything
if it's true then we have to leave first but they can't see what i can't see

i don't like it but you're endlessly fascinating.
we're natural enemies, to a certain degree.
i gotta protect myself but there's nothing
i can do and neither can you and still you're calling
you're calling
Track Name: do you / interlude
i can't tell you what i want but do
you want me to go away?
Track Name: hang up
if anyone knew you had that much swimming around your head
i'd still worry about you.
would you be happy instead?

some of us argue about you
some of us tend to agree
when i first looked at you
you couldn't be.

you told me what you did to them
you told me how it made you feel
told me how you made their hearts stop
you say it's my fault

yet i'm so alone without you.
Track Name: smallest things
we are the smallest things
that i can really think of
sitting on broken swings
nothing but sky above us

and then they came for us
the wind was barely blowing
it didn't matter much, when i looked at you
you were glowing

i know you never know where we're going
but this is no comparison
we're not gonna get away
they will try not to stare
there's dried blood in your hair
and it's probably gonna stay.

told you your eyes were red
i don't think you cared
nothing has happened yet
but i have never been so scared