Friendly Atheist Children

by Amerah Ames

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this is a bunch of songs I made over some time. download them! (you can put $0 in the box or give me money for it I don't care.)


released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Amerah Ames Salt Lake City, Utah

tunes from me!

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Track Name: Birds (If It Helps)
if it helps if it helps if it if it helps
i'll let you go
if it helps, i'll let you know

if it helps i'll let you go
i'll go out and let me show you how it's done
if it helps - oh no,
i'll let you out i'll let you grow
Track Name: Words and Statements
if jump run nacho
potato cow pig
brilliant monkey chopstick
dinosaur lipstick

it looks like the kite is stuck in that tree
i'm afraid it's just been too blustery
don't stop beliving in jazzercise
why do people wearing black always walk by
microproteins amylase

jolly women only want to be friends
quirky ten year olds laugh until the bitter end
we're unicorns - come on - if only
and we ran into the soccer field blindly

what should your auntie buy you for your birthday?
some fiddlestick citations for your balderdash essay?
i saw people convey a lack of wordplay
by using rhymezone dot com in my... doorway
Track Name: Napkins
there was a napkin
and a pumpkin
and a sandwich
all temporary

but the sandwich was to be enjoyed,
and the pumpkin art
but the napkin was garbage or at the very least ignored
Track Name: Dreams
i dreamt that all my clothes were washed in green tea.
i dreamt we ran away and it was just a dream.

we listened to cds and then we watched tv
we left the next day but it was just a dream

i think they saw us, you didn't even care
i closed my eyes shut
but all they do is stare.

the space between us in that empty classroom
the news is over
you have to leave soon.

i read your emails but don't know what they mean.
you ruined my laundry
but it was just a dream
Track Name: Depression Bird
hold on baby hold on
is what my mother used to say
to me a long time ago
before she flew away

there's nothing to hold onto
because i'm up in the sky
spiraling down
into the purple depths

(depression bird)

why are these depths so purple?

my wings are clipped
youre far away
we'll have to fly another day
i'm forced to use my legs instead

can't get this purple out of my head.
Track Name: Battery
think i'll stay here tonight
cause my battery's dying and i'm afraid that the light
will go out
and i don't know what i will do
if none of my calls go through

and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
can't go.

in this room all things have a name
this anti-itch cream also known as benzocaine
and this pair of pants by the door
reminds me of the things it has one thousand times before

and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
don't know.

if anyone goes anywhere it will be you
and i'll sit here on the floor with nothing to look forward to.
it's something that i said i would never do
and so i'll go
i'll go.

think i'll stay some other night
cause my battery's dying and nothing feels right
if nothing changed, and no one grew
guess we'll just begin our lives anew

and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
will grow.
Track Name: Everything Happens for a Reason (Cat Shirt)
my cat's shirt doesn't fit
he outgrew it
i didn't that cat would grow
oh no (oh no) oh no (oh no)

i started to sew another one
but he moved before it was done.
also i dont know how to sew
oh no (oh no)

everything happens for a reason they always say
but this isn't really the best season for that cliche
as far as i am told if my cat gets too cold...

as far as i am told
if my cat gets too cold
he will die.
Track Name: Your Way
it's alright when you come home and
it's alright til you come home
and i just don't know what to say then
if you let it happen again

it's okay
shut away
it's your way
i can't lie
so i won't say
how or why
but it's your way
Track Name: Apples
apples fresh from the vine
they grow and grow and then they're mine
mother nature's candy
mother nature's candy

apples grow on their vines
and lots fall off all the time
i'm afraid that they'll forget me
i'm afraid that they'll forget me
Track Name: Friendly Atheist Children
friendly atheist children
friendly atheist children
everybody wants them
everybody wants

feelings are tough to have
feelings are tough to have
nothing's even wrong with them
they're barely even sad
but when they write poetry it is really bad

i don't like what we have
i never liked what we had
cause of everytime i think of it i am really sad
that's just fine i guess but i don't like it when you're mad
when my friends the atheists show up it's not so bad.